Saturday, 25 June 2016

A plan of attack

So I decided that before I make my first post I should figure out what format this will actually take. I wish to include my opinion on as many films as possible, however, I have seen hundreds of films and am not about to review every single one of them now. Therefore I will use this post to provide an outline for how this may work. So without further ado let a tacky list be created:

  1. I will start by providing a brief review of some of the noteworthy films, which I have seen this year. I will label each of these to simplify any searches undertaken.
  2. Films will from thereon be reviewed when I see them or as a list when there isn't enough to talk about or I get lazy (most likely the latter). Reviews will be very short form because I do not have a lot of time in my life and wish to include as many as possible.

    • Films will be assigned a rating out of 5, which will not necessarily mean much at all. I will occasionally provide lists of favorite films and they may not fit together cohesively with rankings. 
    • A 5 does not necessarily mean the film is perfect, as this is in theory unattainable. It will instead mean that a film is all that I could realistically hope for it to be.
  3. I will occasionally make posts showing trailers or any other stuff I feel like mentioning, this may help me compare how hyped I am for a movie to how much I actually like it.
  4. I will add to this list whenever I feel it is necessary.